Shadow Puppet Workshop

Shadow Puppet Smorgasboard at The Cherry

Sunday April 21, 10 am–1 pm
Cherry Artspace (102 Cherry St)

Intended for adults and older kids.

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In this workshop, Lily and Matt of Lilypad Puppet Theatre will share techniques and tricks for making a fun and dynamic shadow puppet performance. Learn how to bring paper shadows to life and use them for effective storytelling. Inspired by the famous work of Richard Bradshaw, we’ve used strings, wires and colors to surprise and delight the audience.  

First there will be a short performance, demonstrating tricks and manipulation techniques for shadow puppets. We will show you some examples such as 3-piece puppets that create fluid movement, puppets that can change expression, and puppets with hidden pieces. Then, everyone will make their own puppets with detailed directions and templates, which they will be able to take home. We will learn how to make shadow shows more dynamic by introducing interesting movement and surprising elements as well as encouraging creative use of materials.  

Finally, we will focus on performance skills and visual storytelling to create original short shadow scenes. With coaching, and feedback on puppet manipulation, we can make these shadows come alive.