Crankie Cabaret 2022

“A delightful, interesting, entertaining and life affirming performance. Loved every minute of it.” – Hilby the Skinny German Juggle Boy on the Crankie Cabaret.

Our featured PERFORMERS for 2022 were (see ARTIST BIOS HERE):

Bob Proehl, Norm Scott, Marietta Synodis, Isaac Sharp, Marina Gershon and Lily Silly.

The Dragonriders by Bob Proehl – In a village that has raised dragons for generations, a folktale warns of the dangers the creatures represent.

Sleepwalker by izaq charp and Marina Gershon – Does the dreamer dream things into being? (See things into seeing?) Or are the dreams worlds unto themselves, criss-crossing streams with what one might slightly deem a multitude of realities? Perpendicular possibilities surreptitiously spilling into slippery-sleeping eyes? Delight or fright, do these night sights (sideways seen) seem to mean anything (anywhen) at all? Do these circuitous circadian trails lead home or away, bouncing, bouncing ball flying, laughing, falling, then alighting from dream to dream to dream?…You’ll have to see for yourself.

Tales From a Russian Colony by LilySilly Puppets – The resorts of the Borscht Belt have been abandoned for decades, but Russian families were still vacationing there in the early 90s.  Lily Gershon recalls the silliness of her childhood at a Russian bungalow colony in the Catskills. Learn what it’s like to live among the babushkas.

THIS is Ithaca – by Marietta Synodis and Florenz Gilly. Meet the barista who serves you coffee, your mail lady, the host of your favorite folk radio show, even the mayor in this walk about town. Real interviews with the real people of Ithaca. THIS is Ithaca — a crankie experience.

Above All Else, Swim (a Hero’s Journey)Norm Scott

An autobiographical tale of infertility, obstacles, unexpected surprises, and things that can happen when the stars align.